“My husband was my ad hoc proofreader until I met Deb. As a fellow writer, Deb understands the time and effort I put into my work, and why it’s important to deliver quality content every time. With Deb in my corner, I know my work is error-free. I know and trust that when Deb has proofed my content, it reflects the quality and integrity of my brand.”

Gayle Nowak

The Story Stylist

“I firmly believe that you only get one opportunity of establishing an impression of your business. Succeed and potential clients will go the next step. Fail and it’s over. Deb has helped me be more professional in how I communicate my services and offerings to potential clients, therefore enhancing my chances for a good first impression. For that, I am very grateful! (And she’ll probably edit this testimonial and fix all my grammar faux pas!)”   

Maureen K. Calamia


“Deb, I have had the most inspiring time collaborating with you in this light!! Working in this manner is exhilarating and I feel like I have held onto my own ideas as they have expanded and become much more than what some of my own limitations would allow. You have been so supportive and encouraging. I look forward to co-creating even more with you! With great gratitude and affection … I adore you!”

Tina Falk

VIA Feng Shui