Deb Coman
Content Marketing Strategist,
Copywriter, and Speaker

Women Speakers Association

Meet Deb Coman

I have always loved writing since the time I learned how to form my first letters and quickly became all-time teacher in the pretend school I ran in the kitchen of my childhood home with my two young sisters (somewhat willing students). I’ve always loved words, books, letter-writing, libraries, and teaching.

Since the years of teaching my obliging sisters, I went on to teach adults with mental illness, the staff who worked with them, and then taught children in an inclusive preschool after I had a few children of my own.

I’ve traded my red pen for a computer keyboard to help you use content marketing strategy to get clear on your message, rework your copy so you get noticed online, and use content marketing strategy in your communication so you attract the right clients and referrals. Read more about my approach to content marketing strategy here.

Today I’m a content marketing strategist, copywriter, and speaker helping entrepreneurs get their message out into the world in a polished, professional way. I feel strongly that when we get clear on our message and approach our content from a place of wanting to add value, establish and build relationships, and engage with others, the sales will follow. People before selling. Our message before our product. Showing up the same online as we do offline. This is what speaks to me. If it speaks to you, I’d love for you to reach out. In fact, you can schedule a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call to talk about your business and explore how I might support you.

I love my relationships with clients, colleagues, and referral partners. By working together, our reach and impact are limitless! I’m also proud of my place on the Leadership Team of Women Speakers Association and the work we do helping women all over the world to share their message through speaking.

I do my best to live by my motto: “Live worthy. Do good.”

I’d love to hear what motivates you in this world of ours. Drop me a note and let me know

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